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Matthew McCombie

"A musician of independent thought...

...depth, grandeur and virtuosity"

Philip Fowke


A new year is upon us and we are all hoping that some form of normality will return before too long and that we will be free to meet with friends and family once again! My last in-person performance was in March 2020 which was an experience that I am pleased to have shared with my friends at the U3AC Music Club in Cambridge, England. It seems fairly appropriate that my final performance before lockdown was for a group who have supported my musical journey from its early days and I look forward to seeing them and everybody else again when it is possible for us to meet!

For the time being I hope that you will enjoy the recordings available on my website and that you might be able to join me for a live online concert at some point. I have rather nostalgically used some of my own photos to decorate my website and I hope that you will share my enjoyment viewing some of the places that I have been fortunate enough to visit during my career! At the moment my event listings are rather sparse and listed events are subject to change due to ongoing restrictions, but I hope to be able to offer more clarity as and when things improve.

Take care and I hope to be able to see you soon!

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